Students Become PUBLISHED Authors!

Oh, Writing...
 Whether you're a new or veteran teacher, teaching how to write is difficult to do. All students are on different levels of writing. Some are focusing on spelling rather than punctuation. Others overuse phrase such as, "and then" repeatedly as a way to transition in their writing. Basically, teaching how to write can be a very difficult task for anyone. That is why real-world applications are very important in writing. I teach Human Rights as an avenue to connect Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. Students must apply the Common Core Standards through projects that focus on Human Rights. In the end, students create high-quality products that demonstrate their learning. One of the ways I did this was creating a published book through Studentreasures Publishing!

What is Studentreasures Publishing? 
During my Master's program, I was shown a company called, Studentreasures Publishing. Studentreasures Publishing helps you create a published book with your class for free! I used the Online Classbook Scripsi option. They will publish your students work for free! In exchange, you have each student's family sign an order form to buy the book. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK! You can do all this and get one free hardcover book for you! They only ask that you collect the order forms from each student's family stating they want to buy one or not. If they do want to buy one, a softcover book will cost $19.95. The shipping/handling is free! In conclusion, Studentreasures Publishing will give you one free deluxe hardcover book if you meet their requirements.

How I Used It
During October, we finished learning about Native Americans and started learning about Explorers. In the first quarter, we had to assess students through narrative writing. I used Studentreasures Publishing after learning about the Native Americans and during the Explorers Unit. I had students create a narrative story about any Explorer (fictional or nonfiction person) finding new land. They had to use what they learned about the Native Americans and how Explorers found land and interacted with Native Americans.
 Their story needed to: 
1. Introduce the Explorer 
2. Show how they paid for their voyage 
3. Tell what happened on their voyage 
4. Explain what happened when they found new land (Native Americans) 
5. Close the story by explaining what happened to the Explorer (such as death, became famous, died from illness, etc). 

In my classroom, I use the writer's workshop model. I have used mentor texts and demonstrated how and what is needed to write a narrative story. The week before we started writing, we used mentor texts that were about Explorers. This allowed me to point out what was needed and what ways we can write about our Explorer story. When they started writing their story, I demonstrated how to write one. I wrote with mistakes and showed how and when it is appropriate to correct them. After the students wrote their first draft, they had to collaborate by editing and critique each other's story using a checklist of what to look for (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc...). Next, students must rewrite their entire story with the errors corrected. Students then must repeat the step of critiquing each other's work. Once the students finish, they go to our Google Classroom website and find the Explorer Story Assignment. There they will see my example I finished that I did with them and another document for them to type their story. After the students finish typing, they must submit it. I will then print it and conference with them with the rubric and make sure their story is how they want it. While students were waiting for their conference, they began their illustration of their story. Their illustrations had to follow the high quality work rubric. They had to create multiple drafts until it met the rubric requirements. 

When all their work was finished, I uploaded them onto the Scripsi (Studentreasures Publishing Online Program) website. Next, I collected the order forms, shipped the box back to the company, and pressed the published buttons on the Scripsi website. It did take the company about four weeks to deliver the books, but it was well worth the wait. I received the books this past week and they look amazing! Here are more pictures!

In Conclusion...I will DEFINITELY be doing this again next year! There was a lot of work to get it formatted exactly how Studentreasures Publishing wants, but what publishing company doesn't? IT'S FOR FREE! As long as you collect the order forms from every student regardless whether they want to buy one for $19.95 or not! The wait was long but worth it! The books came out amazing! Students were highly motivated to write their stories because they knew their stories were going to be published into an actual book. This was my first time using Studentreasures Publishing and if you want to use it, I will guide you the best I can. Their website is very user-friendly and it explains each step meticulously.

Please do not hesitate to email me with questions! My email is I hope this gives you a chance to try Studentreasures Publishing! This definitely helped my students see that their writing matters. With a growth mindset, they can create amazing products!

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  1. We did Student Treasures a few years ago, and it was great! The students loved their books! Now we have a new writing program, and we haven't found time to do it. Thanks for reminding me about it. I need to find a way to work it back into our schedule.

  2. What a cool idea! I know students LOVED seeing their work in published form!

  3. That is such a great idea!! Students get to see their work "come to life!" I will definitely be passing this idea on to the ELA teacher on my team! Fabulous!

  4. I have always wanted to do this. So exciting for your kids!

  5. I know Shcolastic used to do something like this, but I never heard of this. Thanks for posting!