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The Time is NOW (To Help Each other!)

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fine day! I am happy to have you read my first post on my website! We are going to help each other do amazing things!

First, Who Am I? 
My name is Michael Sanchez and I am fifth grade teacher in an urban district. This is my fourth year as a classroom teacher (all fifth grade) and sixth year in the field. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and got my Bachelors from St. Mary's University. I also received my Masters at Mt. Mary's University. I eventually made the move to Denver, Colorado where I met my wife, Lisa.  After moving to another state to be closer to family, I became a father this past summer to an almost four month old named Lily.

In regards to my website, this is actually my second website I have owned. About 10 years ago, my older brother helped me set up my first website. I named it after my dogs. I loved the idea of it and it got me interested in technology, however, I didn't stick to it and eventually I gave up on it due to not having a real purpose besides, "THIS LOOKS COOL!"

If you like to read more about me, click on the About Me Tab.

Second, Why am I Blogging?
As I said in my About Me page, I really want to return the favor to those who helped me when I was searching for resources, reading peoples experiences, or trying to connect to other teachers like me. I remember four years ago when I was starting my first year as a classroom teacher, despite the help from my program and school, I still felt WAAAAAY over my head. I really felt like I was trying to survive my first year. Teacher blogs helped me survive! I want to do the same for others by sharing resources, talking about my experiences, and helping those who need an outside perspective on topics in education.

Third, What will I be Blogging About?
My website will be dedicated to sharing my experiences in the classroom, sharing resources I have created or use (credit will be given), and discuss topics in education that many people want to hear! I will strive to bring variety to my blog, posting at least once a week, and create newsletters about the profession. In a typical month, I will post four times, two about resources I use/sharing my adventures in education and the rest will be newsletters that are about education and my life.

Fourth, Who am I Writing to?
I am writing to the teachers of the world! Every teacher can benefit from my blog! All of my content will relate to you! As a teacher myself, I understand how busy you are! Therefore, I will strive to deliver content that you need! Us, teachers, DON'T HAVE A MINUTE TO SPARE!

Fifth, How Can You Get Involved?
I want to hear from you! To make this website the best it can be, I need your voice! I encourage you to comment my posts, email me, and like me on social media! EVERYTHING! You have questions, suggestions, or complaints? Please email me at: (I will strive to email you back within 24hrs). As we have a dialogue between each other, I ask that we communicate in a respectful manner and assume the best intentions. Everyone can't agree! That's a fact of life! I implore you to communicate your opinions if they are different than others. It will help everyone!


Lastly, What Are My Blogging Goals?
My blogging goals are simple:
1.) I want to help those who are in their first few years of teaching (including those who change schools within those early years). My blog can help all teachers regardless of how many years in the classroom.  I remember how it felt when I was trying to survive my first year.
2.) Share resources I create/use (Credit will be given of course!) that are not only academic but in character and behavior.
3.) Share my classroom experiences! I know I felt at ease when I read a blog post that was very similar to whats happenings to me.

In the end, I want to create a platform for teachers to collaborate without borders to simply give advice on to those who want it! Please follow by email! Like my Facebook Page too! What would you like to see happen to this website? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Credit to Shoutmeloud for helping me start my first post!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you’ve joined our group! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Welcome (back) to blogging! I’ve found it to be so helpful as a reflection tool and for connecting with teachers all over the place! Good luck! :)


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