Take Back the Weekend!

First off... I know I have not posted in awhile. I am currently testing out a math program. Look forward to my next post too! :)

Scenario Time!
It is Friday morning, you came in before 7am, you prep for the day, and you realize you have many things you still have to do before the kids come to your door... lunchtime hits and you want to readjust your plans for Monday...  the rest of the day goes and the whole time you think of what you have to do this weekend to change your Monday plans and having to cancel on who ...again, your family, friends, and "me" time.

Sounds familiar? We have all been there. Even if your not a Gen Ed Teacher like I am, you still think of all the things you have to do on Monday that you realize if you do it on the weekend, your Monday would be soooooooooooo much easier. My point is despite the passion of helping our students meet their fullest potential, we shouldn't have to sacrifice our family and social time to do so! (but we do anyway!)

In my first two years in the educational field, I was an Interventionist. Despite not having the responsibility of a Gen Ed Teacher, I still felt compelled to research and find proven strategies to help my students the best way I could. The fire and passion we all have to help our students shows by planning on the weekends, but really it is an understatement to how we feel about our roles and it should not come at the cost of our own families.

Truly this was hard for me to understand. After a few years and still spending my personal time, I had no problem doing it until this past year. This past year, my wife and I had a baby and I couldn't be happier! She was born in August... the month before we report back... the month of summer you only have when you spend July teaching Summer School...the month we all cherish so much before we start back up again. Luckily, for me, my daughter was born late August...unlucky for me was missing the first couple weeks of school and feeling guilty I wasn't there to help my new students! The guilt we all feel when we know we can do something to help our classrooms clouds our everyday choices! It's what makes us amazing teachers! But, we all have families who love us and want to spend time with us too!

Our time with family and friends is as important as our passion to make a difference in our students lives. We all have a student or two (or more) that mistakenly calls us, "Dad. Mom." And it may be funny and embarrassing at that moment, but it speaks volumes to how much our students see us.

I initially made this post over a month ago, but it did not feel it needed to be shared until now. Many of us are in the season of Spring Break and I feel that it makes this post meaningful. Being testing season for many of us, students AND STAFF are both fried by this point of the year. The stress from this job literally grows grey hairs!  Spring Break comes at time for us to recharge just enough to finish out the year and strive to end on a high note.

To sum up, we all cope in our own ways. We all need whatever we need to do each day to power through on our passion filled jobs. We all have ways to make it to the next day. What I want to do is set up a challenge for myself and others who want to join. After Spring Break, I have 47 academic days with my students. Round that up to 50. What I want to do is called The 50 Day Coffee Break Challenge. I want to challenge and help myself reconnect with my family and friends. After replenishing my energy by visiting family for spring break, I am going to take a, "Coffee Break" of an hour that I socialize with my family and/or friends. I would love to have people join with me in this challenge. It would help to have each other accountable! I am going to try to do an hour for each day I am in school as my rule of thumb. To join with me, not only follow me on my FB/Instagram, but when you make your post for each coffee break, post what 'hour' you're on and use the hashtag #teachercoffeebreak50. Comment below or in any of my social media to let me know if you are joining with me! Look forward to my posts and hashtag!


  1. Joining in for a coffee break each work day! Such a great idea, my youngest is in his last year of school and will be off to uni in the blink of an eye. I don’t want to miss these last few months.

  2. This is a great reminder that you need to take time for yourself. It makes a world of difference for not only us but our kids too.