The Best Classroom Pencil Sharpener EVER! It doesn't break...EVER!

"My pencil won't sharpen!" "It got stuck again!" "Half of my pencil is gone!" 
Which teacher hasn't heard of those sayings before? (lucky you if you haven't!)

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In my short seven-year career in the educational field, I have dealt with the pencil sharpener issue many times. We all have those days when we have students who act like the rules don't apply to them and they sharpen their pencils during the lesson. What's worse is when they do that and then they say things like above, "My pencil won't sharpen!... It got stuck again!... Half of my pencil is gone!" Not only did they distract your whole/small group lesson, but now the pencil sharpener broke again and you have to fix because you know it will cause more issues not to do anything than fixing it. That is where this post comes in!

For the last three years, I have had the same pencil sharpener!

How many people can say that? Lucky you if you did! But, wow the pencil sharpeners just never lasted. They always had issues! Well here comes your savior!

The pencil you should get is the

1) This pencil sharpener has lasted through hundreds of 5th graders using it so recklessly! I mean, WOW! I am usually the type of teacher that tries to let his students solve problems first before intervening, but I haven't really had to to do so when it came to pencil sharpening besides the, "NO SHARPENING DURING LESSON/SMALL GROUP TIME." The container that held the pencil shaving is large and can hold A LOT! What is good about the pencil shaving container is that it must be fully pushed in for it to 'turn on'. If students accidentally nudged it too hard or after taking out the shavings, it won't matter! The sharpener will not turn on until it is fully put back on!

2) THE SPEED! This pencil sharpener is fast! It can sharpen a pencil from flat to sharp in less than 5 seconds! NO JOKE! This pencil sharpener sharpens dull ones in less than three seconds too! They might not sound fast, but if you had a pencil sharpener that was not meeting your needs or takes FOREVER to sharpen, three to five seconds sounds GREAT!

3) One more positive about this pencil sharpener is the pressure/sound when holding the pencil sharpener when it is being sharpened. I know this hard to visualize/feel, but this is actually helpful.  We all have those students who go and sharpen their pencil and just stand there and just wait while it's 'Sharpening'. It works like this, you can feel the actual pencil being sharpened and when it is done the sound of the sharpener lightens. I am serious! You can actually hear the student just standing there ignoring/fake sharpening and catch them in the act without them realizing it. I know this may seem like a small plus, but when you're in the thick of it, small details like this help!

4) Lastly and possibly the best is the PRICE. As it stands, the price on Amazon Prime is $22.93. The regular price is $29.15. Regardless of which one you have, it is still great value for the reliability and efficiency of what the pencil sharpener brings. Think about it this way: A 10-15 dollar average pencil sharpener can last a year, year and a half max. Don't forget that the 15 dollar pencil sharpener will break and jam constantly. Don't forget the constant issues it brings with students. With about 10 dollars more, you get a reliable pencil sharpener and minimal issues.

Now for the negative. Now, to be honest, it is hard to come up with negatives for this awesome tool, but I did come up with a couple. One, I would say the size/weight of the pencil sharpener. I mean for such an efficient pencil sharpener, it has to come with a price. Not to say it is heavy and you can't hold onto it, but it does weigh about two and a half pounds. Just make sure you have a grip on it! The size, again, is really not a big deal at all. It is just slightly bigger than your typical pencil sharpener. Again, the efficiency and peace of mind with this pencil sharpener does come with some tiny costs.

The only other negative I can think of is the power cord. Now, this is annoying. The cord is like only three to four feet long so that might be average, but it feels short. This could easily be fixed with an extension cord, but shouldn't be necessary for a typical purchase. I just know this annoys me when I rearrange my room and there are limited spots to where I can place it because of a short cord.

I am super glad I made the jump a few years ago to buy this pencil sharpener. Other ones weren't cutting it. Now three years with the same one, it hasn't broken, it sharpens quickly, the shaving container can hold a lot and needs to be placed right for it to 'turn on', and AGAIN IT DOES NOT JAM! If you have questions, concerns, or comments please do so down below or email me! Better yet, you know other people who are in need of a pencil sharpener or had issues in the past with them? SEND THEM THIS LINK!


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